FLOS Web Store



FLOS USA was in need of building a US based online store.



FLOS is a high-end lighting design company that has its headquarters in Italy. Stakeholders were the main challenge as to move away from a catalogue site to an e-commerce experience which was the main goal for the US directive.

We also had a technology challenge as we had to stick with NetSuite as their inventory software and also web development platform.



The solution needed to be approached in phases to introduce conversion in baby steps. As part of these phases the basic audience was first targeted: End Consumers, as other type of audiences were part of the plan but for future iterations. The screen capture showcased was designed and developed for NetSuite understanding the limitations of such technology at that time.

This solution introduced to FLOS a CRM plan, as well as a Trade program  and Design News, all created in-house. All initiatives that were at that time not considered as part of the full eco-system of the brand.



Interaction Designer, UX Designer