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Design Strategy - Client Onboarding Documentation

The challenge

A client’s service providing promotional and treatment data to the pharma industry in the US wasn’t able to scale as a business. Part of the data captured was manual, the onboarding of clients had a strong dependency on tech and the client experience was broken as services weren’t really integrated. Clients were just using a fraction of what the firm was providing to them.

Stakeholder Interviews

Met with SMEs, Product and Tech teams to deep dive into their interests, vision, pain points and current process from a viability and feasibility stand point.


The Problem

Promotional and Treatment data users from the client side are trying to deep analyze data from a certain diagnosis and therapeutic area market using the current system; but they find it difficult to use, the onboarding experience is lengthy and complicated, and there is no API available to a point that they only perform data extracts which makes them feel that there is no other value of the service than being a data provider.

The Vision

Be a streamline and integrated service that provides to promotional and treatment data users valuable, clean and accurate data insights as well as tools to allow them generate custom reports and analysis within the app, which could lead the business to more growth.

Concept and Testing