El Bodegon de Ulla

Based on a fragment of the book “The Tin Drum” from Günter Grass.

Many years ago while I was still a dreamer. I had too many interests: Fine Arts, Performance, Music, Audiovisuals. I didn’t have a space nor a project where I could experiment and had in mind. So I decided to use what I had: my mom’s house which was empty because she had just finished building it the second floor; a slide projector from my dad who didn’t use it anymore; some artwork I had been working the last couple of years and Jazz music. I sold the idea to a set of musicians with whom I was sometimes rehearsing and asked other friends to give me a hand with the set up. I was able to sell tickets to cover some of the expense of this event such as food, cocktails, and musicians. But just a week from the event, my mom’s house was raided and the few things inside were stolen. For me the only thing that mattered was my piano and thanks god they didn’t even touch it.

Below are just a couple of songs we performed at that event which I considered a success and one of the best experience I had in my life.


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